Do Sellers Pay Closing Costs in AZ?

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Selling a house is not as easy as it might seem, even in the best of markets. In Arizona, home sellers want to know the procedures and costs that are peculiar to selling homes in Arizona. There are a myriad of questions that you might need answers to during your home sale process. One of … Read more


Do You Pay Sales Tax on a House in AZ?

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Owning a home is definitely a major objective for the average person, and getting to own your dream home is an even better experience. What happens, however, if you wish to sell? If the value of your dream home has increased, you are more likely to have to pay sales tax. So, do you pay … Read more


Best Book for Real Estate Agents

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The best book for real estate agents is one that inspires you, develops your skills, and helps you become a more successful real estate agent. We have compiled a list of the top books realtors should read at least once during their careers. Best Book for Real Estate Agents We enjoy reading and learning from … Read more


Best Real Estate Podcasts

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Listening to podcasts about topics you’re interested in is one of the best ways to ingest knowledge. Whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or just starting out with your license, we have a list of the best real estate podcasts that you’ll want to add to your library and tune in to each … Read more


What Happens After Forbearance Ends?

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The COVID-19 pandemic took a huge toll on the economic situations of a lot of homeowners. This saw many people unable to meet mortgage payments and granted a forbearance period. Now, this period is coming to an end, and there’s a big question, what happens after forbearance ends?  What Happens After Forbearance Ends? After forbearance … Read more


iBuyers in Real Estate

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Ease of sale or convenience is one of the major features that home sellers prioritize during the home sale process. Most home sellers aim to make as much capital gains as possible while having to involve themselves minimally. This is the aspect that iBuyers in real estate capitalize on.  Who Are iBuyers in Real Estate? … Read more


Is Redfin Really Cheaper?

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Homeowners are always on the prowl for ways to sell their homes at the most profitable price. This ensures that they explore the various options available; real estate agents (the regular) or discount brokerages. One discount brokerage with a massive presence is Redfin and their main attractant is a promise of lower fees. However, is … Read more


Do Homes Sell Faster With a REALTOR?

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Two features of any sales process that sellers look forward to are: making significant capital gains and selling their property fast. A quick and profitable sale implies that you can go ahead with further plans as soon as possible. So, how can this be done? If you’re going to hire a real estate agent, do … Read more


Do FHA Loans Have Lower Closing Costs?

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FHA of Federal Housing Administration loans are widely considered to be a better choice for mortgages than conventional loans. This is because they require a lower credit score and minimum down payment. One gets curious, however, about how different they are from conventional mortgages when it comes to closing costs. Do FHA loans have lower … Read more


Does Redfin Have Hidden Fees?

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Selling a property is a big deal. Every seller is looking to make maximum capital gains with only minimal inconvenience. Redfin, like other discount brokerages, offers realtor services for 1.5%, a percentage lower than the 3% that selling with a traditional realtor requires. However, are there other fees? Does Redfin have hidden fees?  Does Redfin … Read more