Flat Fee Real Estate Phoenix Laws

Phoenix house up for flat fee real estate sale

Real estate agents working in Phoenix are required to abide by several state laws as noted by the Department of Real Estate. If you are a prospective homebuyer, familiarizing yourself with applicable flat fee real estate Phoenix laws will help you avoid becoming a victim of questionable practices.   Flat Fee Real Estate Phoenix Laws  There … Read more

How Are Realtor Commissions Calculated?

Woman using her calculator to calculate her realtor commission

If you sell or buy a home, you may owe the brokers involved a commission. That’s why understanding how commissions are calculated is important as it will help you figure out the estimated price of a property and know whether you’ll make a profitable transaction. So, how are realtor commissions calculated?. How Are Realtor Commissions … Read more

Does The Buyer Pay The Broker Fee?

Real estate agent giving the house keys to the new owners

Many new homebuyers usually think using an agent is free when buying a home. Many real estate brokers also tell homebuyers that their services are free and there are no costs buyers incur. So does the buyer pay the broker fee? In this article, we’ll tell you who pays the buyer’s agent fee and debunk … Read more

Can I List on MLS Without a Realtor?

Man entering his home listing into MLS

Many homeowners are selling their homes as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) to save money on realtor commissions. However, some of the people that take this route usually wonder: Can I list on MLS without a realtor? Let’s find out. Can I List on MLS Without a Realtor? You can list your property on … Read more

How Much Is the Average Broker Fee?

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Working with a broker has its benefits: they can negotiate offers on your behalf, market your home and recommend a list price. However; their services come at a cost. If you’re thinking of hiring an agent, you need to consider their commission beforehand. So, how much is the average broker fee? Keep reading.  How Much … Read more

What Is a Flat Fee in Real Estate?

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Flat fee listing involves paying an inclusive rate that’s determined before closing the sale. Flat fee realtors also provide their services for a flat fee versus the traditional percentage-based method, helping you avoid hefty commission rates. So, what is a flat fee in real estate? What Is a Flat Fee in Real Estate? A flat … Read more

Can You Negotiate the Realtor Fee?

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While there’s no fixed commission rate that real estate brokers charge, the industry standard is 6% of the final selling price. On an $800,000 property, that can add up to $48,000, which is a lot of money. So, can you negotiate realtor fee? Let’s find out. Can You Negotiate the Realtor Fee? You can always … Read more

What Fees Do You Pay When Selling a House?

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Real estate fees can add up to 10% of your property’s sale price after factoring in additional expenses like repair costs. While some expenses are negotiable, you should expect to pay for several costs associated with selling a home. So what fees do you pay when selling a house? What Fees Do You Pay When … Read more

What Percentage Do You Lose When Selling a House?

Stacks of coins beside a wood carved house

Selling your house can bring you good returns. However, the numerous costs of selling a house such as moving fees and agent commissions can eat into your profit. So, what percentage do you lose when selling a house?  What Percentage Do You Lose When Selling a House? Typically, sellers pay about 6% of the selling … Read more