AZ Flat Fee Saves You $12,295.08 on Average

Sell and Save in 3 Simple Steps

At AZ Flat Fee, we know that selling your home is a big decision and there can be several hidden fees involved throughout the process. We take away the unexpected costs that occur with realtors by providing you with a low, flat fee, while still giving you great service.

Rather than paying 3% for a commission-based real estate agent, AZ Flat Fee provides you with full service real estate for a flat fee of $3,500. This model has saved our clients over $1,728,564!

We have a simple 3-step process that we follow to streamline the selling experience and help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Step 1

Talk to us. Yep. Simple! Call, text, email, or schedule a free consultation with us. We are no pressure and will answer all your questions. We will set up a time to view your home in person for a true comparable market analysis and establish the best marketing strategy! We know how Gilbert differs from Phoenix and Chandler from Mesa. We are here to help with your home in your specific area!

Step 2

We take professional photos and market your home on over 100 websites including MLS, push out paid advertising, and prep for showings. We have local connections to market your home specifically. We manage inbound calls from other agents, schedule showings, obtain feedback, review offers, and advise on negotiations. Need to sell that Mesa or Tucson rental, but don’t live nearby? No problem!

Step 3

From the point of an accepted offer on your home, we work with the other parties involved to manage inspections, title commitments, appraisal, loan underwriting, and all pertinent disclosures to ensure the transaction stays on point for your closing day. We keep you informed the whole way to a smooth closing where you receive the funds from your sale! All we ask is that you share your great experience with your friends and family in the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas!

Sell Your Home the Flat Fee Way

Access our free Seller’s Guide to get a detailed understanding of what it looks like to sell your home with AZ Flat Fee.

In the guide, we walk you through:

  • Fundamental steps to consider when selling
  • A timeline of events so you know what to expect
  • Details about financing, costs and inspections
  • How the closing process works

Download our Seller’s Guide today, and let’s chat about getting your home sold using our Flat Fee model!

How Much Money Can You Actually Save?

In 2021, the average home sales price in Phoenix is $509,836.00. A realtor’s commission at 3% on that home sale is $15,295.08. Instead, if you work with AZ Flat Fee on selling that home, AZ Flat Fee’s charge for the sale is $3,500, leaving you a savings of $11,795.08!

Savings with AZ Flat Fee

See for yourself how much you can save by going with AZ Flat Fee by sliding the calculator below!

Flat Fee Commission Savings


Estimated Home Sale Proceeds
Flat Fee Agent
Traditional Agent
Seller Agent Commission $5,000 $30,000
Seller Agent Retainer Fee $500 $0
Buyer Agent Commission $30,000 $30,000
Title Insurance $3,700 $3,700
Escrow Fees $3,100 $3,100
Transfer Tax $1,100 $1,100
Misc. Tax & Closing Fees $300 $300
*Fees are estimaes only. Each home has unique taxes and transfer fees as required by local law. Exact closing costs to be determinded with full evaluation.

What Services are Provided in AZ Flat Fee's Low $3,500 Rate?

For a low, flat rate, you might be wondering what real estate services you actually get - that's a fair question! You'll receive all of the great services you'd typically find with a commission-based realtor, without having to pay the 6% commission fees. From MLS listing and marketing to hosting showings to negotiating with buyers to secure you the best deal, we provide you with a full service experience for one flat rate.

Full time agent representation with AZ Flat Fee

Full Time Agent Representation

Professional photos included with AZ Flat Fee

Professional Photos

Full service listing included with AZ Flat Fee

Full Service Listing

Save thousands with AZ Flat Fee

Save Thousands with a Low, Flat Fee

AZ Flat Fee hosts showings for sellers

Host Showings

AZ Flat Fee negotiates with buyers

Negotiate with Buyers

What Past Clients Say About Us

We average 5 stars from 382 total ratings! Take a look below at what our clients have to say about working with our team of agents at AZ Flat Fee.

Average 5 Stars from 404 Total Ratings

Ready to sell your home and save thousands?

We want to help you save big when selling your home. Check your home value and schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team where we can learn more about you and your house.


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