Tempe Arizona Zip Code Map

Tempe Arizona Zip Code Map

With a population of 191,607, Tempe, Arizona can be considered a small city. However, its proximity to the state capital, Phoenix, gives its residents a chance to enjoy the benefits of two worlds. Discover the best places to live in this area with our Tempe, Arizona zip code map.

Tempe, Arizona Zip Code Map

Tempe is a city with something for everyone. From business and entertainment to arts and culture, the city is alive with loads of fun activities that can keep its residents entertained. Its housing market is also easy on buyers, thus making it a good place to own a property. 

Tempe, Arizona Zip Code Map: 85281

This region is a bubbling area with a population of 69,197 people, making it the 6th most populated zip code and the 6th best zip code to buy a house in Arizona. In terms of housing, 85281 has a median home value placed at $163,700, thus making it a very affordable place to purchase a house

The median household income was placed at $42,545 in 2020, thus classifying the area into the lower middle socio-economic class. 

It has an unemployment rate of 2.3% which is lower than the state’s unemployment rate of 3.2%, as well as the current national unemployment rate of 3.6%. Its educational system is excellent, with several public and private elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as universities and colleges. 

They include:

  • Laird Elementary School
  • Tempe High School
  • New School for the Arts Middle School.
  • Arizona State University
  • Bryan University.

For individuals who enjoy spending time outdoors, the area is well known for its variety of outdoor recreational activities and attractions, especially its water parks. Some of them include:

  • Tempe Town Lake
  • Tempe Center For The Arts
  • Tempe Beach Park
  • Wet electric Water Parks
  • Jaycee Park
  • Creamery Park
  • Arizona State University Desert Arboretum Park.

The area also has a considerable number of healthcare facilities, thus ensuring that its residents get the medical care they deserve. These include: 

  • HonorHealth Medical Group
  • Arizona Home Care
  • Be Well Family Care
  • Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital.

Tempe, Arizona Zip Code Map: 85282

With a population of 48671, divided into a slightly higher male-to-female ratio, this zip code is amongst the top 20 best places to reside in Arizona. It provides affordable housing for its residents with a median home price of $171,500, which is significantly lower than the state’s median price of $470,500. 

It has a median household income of approximately $50,455 with the majority of its residents working full-time jobs. Additionally, its educational system is highly rated with a comprehensive curriculum to provide a standard education for your ward. Some of the schools situated in the area include:

  • Broadmor Elementary School
  • Connolly Middle School
  • Tempe Preparatory Junior Academy
  • Pinnacle High School – Tempe
  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

Healthcare facilities in 85283 include:

  • PopHealthCare
  • Dignity Health AZ General Hospital.

To enjoy and spend time with your family outdoors, you can find a host of recreational parks with so many fun features like water fountains, basketball courts, dog parks, and libraries. They include: 

  • LEGOLAND Discovery Center Arizona
  • Hollis Park
  • Selleh Park
  • Daumler Park
  • Joyce Park
  • Tempe History Museum
  • Sea Life Arizona Aquarium
  • Tempe Public Library.

Tempe, Arizona Zip Code Map: 85283 

Zip code 85283, situated in South Tempe, is a serene and excellent place to raise your family. The region has a population of approximately 51,691 individuals of which the median age is 39.8 years.

The median home price is $189,100 with a majority of the properties being residential, rather than commercial structures. It has a median household income of $60,548 which is slightly higher than the national average, and an overall cost of living of 106.6 which is slightly more than the state’s average of 102.2. 

Although the unemployment rate in this region is 5.4% which is higher than the state’s average of 3.2%, 85283 has seen the job market grow by 3.3% over the last year. Additionally, the future job growth in the next decade is predicted to be 49.9%.

Zip code 85283 has a standard public and private school system that can provide a good educational foundation for your ward. Some of the schools include:

  • Rover Elementary School
  • Kyrene Del Norte School
  • Fees Middle School
  • Fuller Elementary School
  • Marcos De Niza High School
  • Compadre High School.

In outdoor activities, 85283 is not left out as the citizens enjoy a variety of activities and quality time in nature in well-preserved recreational parks like:

  • Kiwanis Park and Recreational Center 
  • Celaya Park 
  • Gaicki Park

Healthcare services are also provided by a variety of facilities including Palmeira Home & Health and Aurora Behavioral Healthcare. 

Tempe, Arizona Zip Code Map: 85284

Zip code 85284 has a population of 16,476, making it the least populated zip code in Tempe. However, its low population does not make it any less than its counterparts in other sectors.  It has a median home value of $457,600, which is significantly higher than that of other zip codes in the city.

Zip code 85284 comes 10th on the list of wealthiest zip codes in Arizona with a median household income of $111,420 and a cost of living that is 27.6% higher than the U.S. average.

When it comes to education and learning, you can find many top-notch and accessible schools within the region to provide vital educational and learning opportunities for your ward. Some of these schools include:

  • C.I. Waggoner Elementary School
  • Corona Del Sol High School
  • Center for Educational Excellence.

Residents also enjoy a wide range of outdoor and sporting activities at well-maintained recreational parks like:

  • Hanger Park
  • Estrada Park
  • Campbell Park
  • Tempe Sports Complex Pickleball Courts.

For lovers of good food, several local and international restaurants are situated within the neighboring area. Some of which include:

  • RigaTony’s Authentic Italian Restaurant
  • Vincitorio’s Restaurant
  • Perfect Pear Bistro
  • Oregano’s
  • Hachi Ramen.

The healthcare system here is top-notch, as the HonorHealth Medical Group provides healthcare services for all residents. Furthermore, what the region lacks in population, it makes up for with its flourishing economy. Some of the major employers in the region include:

  • Consulting Experts LLC
  • Honeywell
  • Toshiba Business Solutions
  • Global Thermoforming Inc.

Wrapping Up 

Tempe is an excellent and affordable city that attracts residents and tourists annually due to its all-yearly sporting, art, and music events. If you are contemplating owning a home in Tempe, contact us to get a full-service realtor experience for a low flat fee!

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