Do Homes Sell Faster With a REALTOR?

Do Homes Sell Faster With a REALTOR?

Two features of any sales process that sellers look forward to are: making significant capital gains and selling their property fast. A quick and profitable sale implies that you can go ahead with further plans as soon as possible. So, how can this be done? If you’re going to hire a real estate agent, do homes sell faster with a real estate agent?

Do Homes Sell Faster With a REALTOR?

Yes, homes sell faster with a REALTOR, and this happens for a series of reasons. For one, REALTORS have a massive network including other REALTORS and potential homebuyers. Also, they have the expertise when it comes to marketing and presenting your home for sale. This gives an edge that translates into faster sales.   

REALTOR negotiating with her clients

A REALTOR’s day job is selling houses, so they are experts at getting potential buyers for sellers. Some services like iBuyers can provide you an instant sale but it also comes with various cons, which is why hiring a real estate agent is the best way to go. However, in addition to the basic services that a real estate agent offers in a house sale, here are some ways that a REALTOR like AZ Flat Fee sells your house fast: 

Pre-sale Advice 

Selling your home fast implies that your house has to be appealing enough to attract enough attention. There is also the need for you to sell your house at the highest price that you can get. So, prior to listing your home, your agent would come around to take a look at your property for two main reasons:

  • To note necessary repairs and upgrades 
  • To professionally value the house 

The actual value of your house based on surrounding properties might be quite different from what you have in mind. In other words, it could either be more or less. Now, your REALTOR’s opinion would be based on experience, so, if you want a very professional opinion, a property valuer would be your best option. 

Generally, real estate agent are able to accurately value homes. They then use statistics from sales of similar homes in your area to determine an estimated value. To increase your home value, and speed of sale too, your REALTOR could suggest a number of repairs and renovations that can help make this happen. 

Proper Marketing 

Following the evaluation of your home, the next step would be listing and marketing. Listing typically involves your REALTOR putting your property up for sale, although you can list your property without an agent but the service of a marketing expert does make a difference. The first contact that potential buyers have with your property would be the pictures that you put up. This is why AZ Flat Fee handles the photography, capturing high-quality, professional images that attract more potential buyers. 

Real estate agent drawing up a marketing plan for a new listing

Finally, your REALTOR’s network is an essential part of the sales process too. Beyond listing the property in anticipation of online attention, an experienced real estate agent usually has a network that he can leverage on. This network could include: 

  • Previous clients who are looking to buy a new house 
  • Referrals from previous clients who would be potential buyers 
  • Other agents who cannot meet the needs of their clients and refer them to their colleagues 

Staging and Showing 

Staging is a key aspect of the home sale process whose significance cannot be overstated. Beyond the images included in your listing, the initial view of your house could make or break a potential buyer’s intentions. The concept of ‘first impression lasting for long’ very much comes into play here. You could either:

  • Opt for a professional stager or 
  • Get quality advice from your AZ Flat Fee real estate agent, and avoid an extra expense in the process. 

Your REALTOR would point out areas of the house that need to be made appealing to encourage a purchase. Next, during the showings, your REALTOR’s role is a very essential one. This is because beyond just walking potential buyers through the house, your real estate agent also uses words and knowledge that would spur their interest in buying the house. 

Showings are also a ‘make or break’ stage, and with a professional AZ Flat Fee real estate agent, you can be certain that you’re getting the best of this service. Beyond the potential or quality of your house, there is a need to present it properly.


Getting your property sold fast is influenced by various factors and one that is quite vital is the negotiations stage. Real estate agent are experienced and professional negotiators and would more often than not get a profitable deal fast. However, if you were selling For Sale By Owner (FSBO), you would have to handle this stage yourself. 

While most people who use FSBO are able to handle the initial stages somewhat well, this is where they usually hit a brick wall. Typically, negotiations involve an offer being submitted by a prospective buyer, reviewed, and then either accepted or denied. When an offer is denied, negotiating is quite tricky for two reasons: 

  •  The buyer doesn’t want to overpay 
  • The seller doesn’t want to undersell 

At this point in FSBO, the back and forth can frustrate both parties, especially if the buyer isn’t using an agent as well. However, having a professional AZ Flat Fee agent on your side implies that he can speed up the negotiations, thanks to expertise. Also, the main goal of getting you a good price and a fast sale would be firmly on the table. 

Related Questions 

Which REALTOR Should I Opt For?

There are two main options available to you; a flat fee REALTOR and a traditional REALTOR. A traditional REALTOR charges around 3% of your home sale price to sell your house. 

On the other hand, a full-service flat fee real estate agent like AZ Flat Fee charges only $3,500 regardless of your house’s high price tag. Since you’re looking to make maximum capital gains, a flat fee REALTOR would be a great choice. 


FSBO implies ‘For Sale By Owner’ or in other words, selling your house without a REALTOR. There are possible upsides such as more capital gains, however, the downside may far outweigh the upsides. For instance, you may have to endure a stressful sales process and even lose money eventually.  


The factors that have been highlighted above are some of the areas where REALTORS are experts. Beyond just advertising, real estate agent basically put their weight behind the property, engaging skills and experience in the process. This is why your house sale would likely be faster with a REALTOR. 

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