Best Neighborhoods in Catalina Foothills

Best Neighborhoods in Catalina Foothills

Nestled at the base of the magnificent Catalina Mountains, Catalina Foothills is one of the best places to live in Arizona. This suburb offers an amazing natural environment with warm winters and a stunning view of the city lights, the Sonoran desert landscape, and the Catalina Mountains. It is also home to several restaurants, bars, parks, and resorts.

Best Neighborhoods in Catalina Foothills 

Explore the best neighborhoods for buying or selling your home in Catalina Foothills. These neighborhoods are located in subdivisions categorized based on whether they are gated or non-gated. Gated subdivisions include:

  • Bellas Catalinas Est
  • Canyon View
  • The Canyons
  • Catalina Foothills Estates
  • Cobblestone Homes
  • Finisterra Homes
  • Foothills II
  • Hacienda Del Sol
  • La Paloma
  • Pima Canyon
  • Sabino Mountain
  • Sin Vacas
  • Skyline Homes
  • The Summit At Finger Rock
  • Tucson Country Club
  • Ventana Canyon

Non-gated subdivisions include:

  • Alta Vista
  • Coronado Foothills Estates
  • Shadow Hills
  • Unsubdivided

Some of these neighborhoods boast beautiful views and wonderful solitude, and more importantly, maximum security and safety.

Catalina Foothills high school field

Pima Canyon 

The Pima Canyon Estates is one of the best and most beautiful neighborhoods in Catalina Foothills to live in. Pima Canyon Estates is located adjacent to the Coronado National Forest brimming with the saguaro cactus. Living in this neighborhood affords you the scenic view of the Catalina Mountains as a backdrop and the dazzling city lights in the forefront.

This neighborhood offers an additional level of security, being one of the few guard-gated neighborhoods in the Tucson area. The Pima Canyon estates is a large neighborhood with as many as 330 custom homes. This neighborhood has been structured to ensure that the natural desert setting is preserved. Most of the buildings in the neighborhood were built in the last two decades. 

Residents of this neighborhood also get to enjoy easy access to entertainment, fine dining, and luxury malls. For children, there is access to the schools in the Amphitheater School District like:

  • Harelson Elementary School
  • Cross Middle School
  • Canyon Del Oro High Schools, and other schools in the Catalina Foothills School District

Ventana Canyon

The Ventana Canyon neighborhood is an impeccable golf community located in the community. This neighborhood was built around the Ventana Canyon Golf and Racquet Club and the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. As such, residents of the Ventana Canyon neighborhood have access to an unrivaled golf course and view of the city lights.

Ventana Canyon is not totally guard gated, with a few subdivisions located outside of the gated section. There are 10 subdivisions in the Ventana Canyon neighborhood with each subdivision having a different style of home. The first homes in this neighborhood were built around the mid-’80s, with the rest of the neighborhood developing as time passed.

Like Pima Canyon, Ventana Canyon also provides easy access to fine dining and upscale shopping. The neighborhood is a short distance from Downtown Tucson, the Tucson Medical Center, and the University of Arizona. Children in this neighborhood have access to schools in the community’s School District 16 like: 

La Paloma

Built around the Westin La Paloma Resort and Country Club, the La Paloma neighborhood is another exquisite golf community located in the community. This neighborhood, located in the heart of the community, provides access to a premium golf course and also splendid views of the city lights and Catalina Mountain. 

Like the Pima Canyon, La Paloma is another guard-gated neighborhood in Tucson, providing an added layer of security. The La Paloma neighborhood also has multiple subdivisions with each division offering different styles of homes. The development of La Paloma started in the mid-’80s and since then, more homes have been added.

La Paloma’s central location makes it easy for residents to drive a short distance to access fine dining, upscale shopping at the La Encantada Mall, and an eclectic nightlife experience in Downtown Tucson. The La Paloma neighborhood is served by Catalina Foothills School District, providing children access to schools like:

  • Sunrise Elementary School
  • Orange Grove Middle School, and 
  • Catalina Foothills High Schools.

Alta Vista 

The Alta Vista neighborhood is located in a very hilly area of this community. This is why the homes were built along the sides of the ravines and on top of the ridge lines. This unique terrain provides most of the homes in Alta Vista with an excellent panoramic view of the Catalina Mountains and the Tucson city lights.

Most of the homes in Alta Vista have a contemporary style with the exception of a few that have a southwest style. This neighborhood is one of the desired luxury neighborhoods in the community. Residents in Alta Vista can easily access the Sabino Canyon for recreation and hiking and the Ventana Canyon to enjoy the premium golfing experience.

The Alta Vista neighborhood is served by the Catalina Foothills District 16, allowing children access to schools like:

  • Ventana Vista Elementary School
  • Canyon View Elementary
  • Esperero Canyon Middle School, and 
  • Catalina Foothills High School.


Cobblestone is a private neighborhood that sits high in the Catalina Foothills, providing a dramatic overview of the rest of Tucson below it. Residents of this luxury neighborhood also enjoy large lot sizes, often exceeding an acre, and the scenic views of the Catalina Mountains and the city lights.

This neighborhood is well established with lots of lush vegetation growing all around its beautiful streets. Most of the homes in Cobblestone have contemporary styles, with a few homes having several other styles. Residents of Cobblestone are served by the Amphitheater School District, providing children access to schools like:

  • Harelson Elementary School
  • Cross Middle School, and 
  • Canyon Del Oro High Schools.

Sin Vacas 

Situated right next to the Pima Canyon Estates, the Rancho Sin Vacas neighborhood, better known as Sin Vacas, is a private guard-gated neighborhood in this community. Sin Vacas offers a beautiful environment with a sweeping view of the mountain and the city lights as it is built across several ridges and rocky outcroppings of Catalina Mountain. 

The homes in Sin Vacas have a rich mixture of architectural styles ranging from the elegant Santa Fe style to the old Hacienda styles of adobe brick and luxury contemporary styles. Most of the homes typically sit on large lots often as large as an acre for privacy.

Residents of Sin Vacas can easily access: 

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There you have it, the best neighborhoods in Catalina Foothills, Arizona. If you are looking to sell or buy a house in these areas, be sure to contact AZ Flat Fee. Please fill out this form for more information about our services.

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