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AZ Flat Fee is a real estate company like no other. Through the purchase or sale of a single home to multiple portfolios, we are here to bring investors together at a fraction of the cost. Our full service model and custom back end platform creates efficiency at scale, saving our investors time and money.  We return increased profitability to our clients, and they simply return to use our services time and time again.



Residential Homes
Asking Price
$ 0 M
Occupancy Rate
0 %
CAP Rate
0 %


These homes have been diligently managed and rented for an extended period of time, some with tenants for 10 years.  As active listings remain in short supply, residential rentals continue to provide a shelter for conservative long term appreciation and rental demand.

  • Market Rent Gap

    Rents have not been increased for all units, leaving a 20% gap between filling the 19 vacant units and matching others to market rates

  • Value Add

    Current homes meet market rent needs, but additional rehab before resale is projected to add $10M to $15M in value

  • Long-Term Investment

    Maricopa county is making intentional investments in infrastructure to support the ongoing population growth and relocation here, resulting in long term appreciation opportunity

Offering Summary

Sale Price: $96,000,000

SFR Units: 298

Gross Rents: $5,887,872

Property Tax: $349,433

Insurance: $147,313

Prop Mgt Fees: $175224

Net Income: $5,215,900

Cap Rate: 5.43%


2 Bed Units: 35 ~ Avg Sqft: 1,108

3 Bed Units: 182 ~ Avg Sqft: 1,442

4 Bed Units: 71 ~ Avg Sqft: 1,775

5 Bed Units: 10 ~ Avg Sqft: 2,194

An upside potential for both rents and renovation provides an opportunity to immediately add value from an income and asset appraisal perspective.

Potential Value: $109,403,000

Potential Rents: $7,025,988

Potential NOI: $6,354,017

Potential Cap Rate: 6.62%*

*Potential Cap Rate calculated at new potential NOI with current portfolio sales price.

Large Performing Portfolio
with Upside Potential


Appraised Vaue
$ 96 M
Current Rent
$ 5.9 M
Property Tax
$ 350 k
$ 147 k
Prop MGT Fees
$ 175 k
Current CAP
5.43 %

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Local Market

Phoenix, Arizona has seen a surge in demand for single-family rental homes. This is due to a combination of factors, including an influx of people moving to the area, a lack of affordable housing options, and a growing preference for rental living among certain demographics. Real estate investors are taking notice of this trend, with many purchasing homes and converting them into rental properties to meet the demand. Tenants are generally looking for amenities such as large outdoor spaces and updated appliances, and are willing to pay a premium for these features. Despite concerns about rising rent costs and the impact on homebuying affordability, the trend shows no signs of slowing down as more people flock to Phoenix in search of a comfortable and convenient place to call home.

The Phoenix metro market is expected to experience continued appreciation in the value of single-family homes over the next decade. Factors such as population growth, a strong economy, and a low unemployment rate are driving demand for housing. In addition, the area’s growing tech industry is attracting more and more workers relocating and seeking short term and long term housing. While rising interest rates and a potential economic slowdown could impact the market, experts predict that Phoenix’s real estate market will remain stable and continue to appreciate. As far as security is concerned, the city has invested heavily in public safety infrastructure and has a low crime rate, which adds to the area’s attractiveness for families looking for a safe place to call home. Overall, the projected growth in Phoenix’s real estate market over the next decade makes it an appealing location for investors and homeowners alike.

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Providing all relevant facts and information to produce an informed offering and subsequent sale without challenges or issues of discovery


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With a clean and custom back end solution, we manage all the details whether you intend to keep tenants in place or turn the assets


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From start to finish, we manage the details so you don't have to. From closing to rekey our systems and contractors are here to make your life easy

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