Buyer Rebate

Buyer Commission Rebate

With rising interest rates, everyone is struggling to afford a monthly payment on the perfect home. Our preferred vendor buyer rebate program helps with that! We have committed to giving back 25% of our commission to help our buyers pay down their interest rate. We believe everyone deserves an affordable rate and this can help you save hundreds every month!

We have also collaborated with our Preferred Vendors who have also agreed to provide a discount in service fees and / or return a portion of commissions to the client.

This exclusive network is not publicly available for admission and is grown by invitation only. Top service providers in each category are interviewed, verified, and selected on an annual basis.

The Preferred Vendor Program is proud to have served locally and saved home owners thousands of dollars, making home ownership more affordable and attainable.

How Do You Sign Up?

Simple as 1-2-3. Speak with one of our top rated AZ Flat Fee real estate agents, Get connected with one of our Preferred Vendors, and Let us give you a written guarantee of our commission rebate to you!

We are exited to work with you!

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