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Learn more about how AZ Flat Fee provides full service listings for one flat fee!

What makes us different?

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Find out how you can sell your Phoenix house faster than you ever thought possible. This is how it works!

Most people are surprised when they find out just how easy it is to get a fast, cash offer for their house. The fact that we don't pressure you so that you can think about the offer helps make it stress-free. You only accept the offer if you are completely satisfied with it.

Want to talk to someone from our staff that can help answer any questions you have about how we buy houses? Give us a call at 480-771-1564 and we'll gladly answer any questions you have.

Here's how our home buying process works...

How it Works

Step 1: Fill Out the Form Below or Give Us a Call

How it Works

Reaching out to us is the first step towards seeing if our service is right for you. We want to start putting together a winning solution
for getting your house sold as quickly as possible!

Step 2: We Schedule a Consultation

How it Works

We'll get a consultation scheduled to officially go over the services that we provide, and to present you with a listing contract.

Step 3: We Get a Listing Contract Signed, and Start Working

How it Works

If everything looks good, we'll go ahead and get the contract signed. From that point, we start putting in all of the necessary work that it'll take
to get your house sold as quickly as possible, for one flat fee.

"Az flat fee is the best! I'm sure people may ask 'will I get discounted service with the discounted price?', the answer is 'no'. They have Fantastic service and are very knowledgeable! I won't use or refer anyone else."

Kerri McLennan

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